m-bread: Web design, resources and blog by Martin Pain


Welcome to m-bread.com. This site is about me, Martin Pain, and everything I do online. It's about the websites I have made, other Internet and programming related tols I have made, and my blogs.

Web Design

In the web design section you can find a portfolio of the websites I have made, along with information on the methods & policies I use when making them. If you are interested in having a website made then you can contact me there.


In the resources area, there are various tools I have created to help me when making my websites, or that I thought other people would find useful. Everything in that section is licenced under a Creative Commons licence, so you anyone who knows how can re-use them in their own work.


My blog page links to various places where I have posted comments, opinions, stories and poetry. Have a browse through some, hopefully entertaining or thought-provoking, posts to get something of a view into my mind.